Andalin Ranch’s Story starts with The Robinson Story which began in 1979 when Ronnie and Kathy Robinson were married in Venice, CA.  in 1983 we had the blessed opportunity to move from the beach to Reedley, CA.  We had 4 biological daughters within 6 years who had the time of their lives homeschooling and having free range on our 20 acres.  We couldn’t imagine children not being as loved and fortunate as ours so over the next 20 years we fostered 37 children.  We were amazingly, wonderfully blessed and happy to legally adopt 7 of “our kids”.

Next chapter:  Our family have always welcomed anyone to enjoy the beauty that surrounds our property and the fun and laughter to be had.  Our little slice of Heaven has been improved and gotten prettier with every changing season.  We’ve developed three venues on the property, planted 100 trees and at least twice as many honeysuckle vines.  The environment is perfect for intimate gatherings of all kinds as well as large events like weddings.  Andalin Ranch is nestled at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountain range with unsurpassed views with beauty, peace and contentment, as well as majestic animals to add to the atmosphere.

Our family welcomes the opportunity to host your dream event or wedding.  Andalin Ranch is also breeders of pre-ANCEE Spanish Andalusian horses.  Please call Kathy at 559-240-9499 for a tour, it costs nothing to look and dream!!!

Where did the name Andalin Ranch come from?  Anda=Andalusians, Lin=Lindy, our second-born daughter.  Who happens to be a partner and driving force of our ranch.  Lindy has made Kathy‘s dream come true.  I’ve always envisioned total use of our property to bless the masses and Lindy has facilitated that dream.  She has even carried it to the next level and continues to do so!  She is an amazing blessing!