Let It Grow Fresno Opens Brick & Mortar House Plant Shop

This is not the first time nor will it be the last time I was excited to share something with you about one of my favorite hobby – houseplants. However, in this article two of my favorite things collide: houseplants and locally owned small business! Let It Grow Fresno is a company that started on Instagram and has grown steadily over the past several months and amasses a cult following with its friendly customer service, affordable weekly plant delivery options and wide variety of uncommon and beautiful houseplants.

I had the opportunity to interview Kelly, co-owner of the company about the business and its up and coming opening in its new storefront located at 529 E. Shields.

Let It Grow Fresno co-owners Daniel & Kelly (image credit: Let It Grow Fresno)

FresYes: Tell us a little about yourselves, your background and your ties to Fresno.

Kelly: I have lived in Fresno my whole life. I grew up in Clovis and was a musical theater and performance addict. I have performed with just about every local theater company. Then I founded Aerial Arts. I taught and ran the aerial arts program at Cal Arts Academy and ran the non-profit Aerial Arts Fresno before the pandemic hit and everything shut down. My partner Daniel is from Byron, Texas and moved to Fresno six years ago to pursue his Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. After completing his degree, he worked in the field for a bit before going back to his roots as a swim coach. He currently coaches online classes for Clovis Community College. Daniel is an avid movement enthusiast who loves hiking, rock climbing and acro-yoga (which is how we met, in an acro-yoga class).

A Puppy Tail Cactus hangs in the window at Let It Grow Fresno

FresYes: How long ago did you start Let It Grow Fresno as a business, and did you always envision having your own storefront?

Kelly: We posted our first post on Instagram in July, 2020 and never imagined it would have turned into what it is now! What started as a hobby turned into a full blown business in a matter of a couple of months and we just took things as they came. As soon as we realized we may actually be able to support our little family working for ourselves, doing something that we are actually passionate about we were like, well let’s go for it. Let’s invest in ourselves! I think just a couple months in I was already looking for spaces. 

Plants basking in the sun at the new Let It Grow Fresno location

FresYes: How did you decide on the location for your new store, and what do you love about it?

Kelly: It kind of just fell into our lap and we really feel like it was just meant to be. We were at a point where we had decided that we weren’t going to actively look for a space — especially with the pandemic and there being so much risk when it comes to being able to remain open. 

I was on a walk in my neighborhood and ran into Nichole Castech, Daniel’s insurance agent. She was moving her business into a new building and that meant that she needed someone to take over her lease on her current building. It just so happens that I have actually admired this space for some time because she had a lot of plants in the window, it has optimal natural lighting, and it is walking distance from our home. One of my favorite things about the space is how it feels. It feels like community.

Nichole extended her hand to us and helped us get into this space out of the kindness of her heart because like us, she believes in our little Fresno local business community. So I just feel very grateful for that and for the opportunities our store can bring that will enable us to pay it forward to others in our community.

Snake plants potted and ready for sale

FresYes: What types of plants and pottery would you say are your specialty?

Kelly: House plants are our specialty! We are also striving to carry planters and products from local (California-based) or small businesses (US-based)!

FresYes: Do you have a favorite plant? And, is there a plant variety even you struggle with at times?

Kelly: My favorites right now have been Calatheas! I just love how they are always in motion. I always struggle with certain types of delicate ferns… but who doesn’t? 

This is a calathea of my own, purchased from Let It Grow Fresno – NC

FresYes: Anything else you’d like our readers to know?

Kelly: We are just so grateful to our customers who have become our friends! We love seeing your plant pics and look forward to having you in the shop! Though we are near ready to open the store, we will not be open to the public, as we will be doing private shopping appointments due to the pandemic. We feel like it is our responsibility to be as cautious as we can in our personal lives in order to not spread Covid to any of our customers or their families!

Crotons, Aloe and String of Turtle plants await you at Let It Grow Fresno

In addition to private shopping appointments, you can shop Let It Grow Fresno’s inventory anytime on their new website at www.letitgrowFresno.com or via their Instagram. Local delivery is available weekly for a small fee. Happy plant shopping!

Information gathered from FresYes.com

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